We have a wide variety of extensions that we've built for PHPMaker versions 8 through 10. In combination with our Server Events and Client Scripts on top of our Aerial Template, you can have a complete experience as well as offering this to your customers.

Additionally, we are rewriting many of the existing extensions to take advantage of superior products like KCFinder for file management, the truly responsive navbar, Bootstrap modal lightboxes, enhanced debugging with krumo, an excellent Bootstrap replacement Date/Time picker, and much more.

Just like our templates, the latest versions of plugins are integrated to the available versions, so you will always be up to date when downloading our extensions. PHPThumb, CKEditor, KCFinder, Colorbox, and others are constantly updated.

We can also custom-build an extension for you, if the ones in our repository don't address a particular situation for you. We do update the extensions from time to time to include requested additions or changes, as well as updated library files. Downloads of everything is always available to active members.


Custom PHPMaker Extension DateTime Picker for PHPMaker 2017


Custom PHPMaker Extension CKEditor 4 with Upload

PHP Applications

Here are some of the custom tools we've built for our clients. You'll see that each has a specific purpose that lies outside the scope of a typical CMS, yet we managed to integrate them into the same environment. This allows our clients to log into one place and perform various tasks not necessarily related to site content updating.


Excel Import to MySQL

Submit to TinEye


We have spent countless hours crafting a whole new template system for PHPMaker. The newest (V2017) is now ready for release. We have integrated native Bootstrap buttons and tables, responsive CSS, and created a new responsive Horizontal Menu. Our goal is to have a complete replacement template, independent of PHPMaker's theme dialog. In fact, it's recommended that you disable PHPMaker's CSS output styles and simply use our new template for a complete look & feel makeover.

We also stay on top of the latest versions of core components like ADODB, PHPMailer, jQuery, and Bootstrap so you don't need to worry about updating it yourself. Any changes required to support them are integrated into the latest template. We have also enabled a few "one-liner" php functions to get you started right away. Integrate a Full Calendar event manager in one line of code!

Here are the latest releases for PHPMaker 2017.


Custom PHPMaker Template
Custom PHPMaker Template


Custom PHPMaker Template

Server Events and Client Scripts

When you need extra functionality out of your Server Events and Client Scripts, we also create items for your Code Repository. These quick snippets can save you hours of research and headache. There are functions for sending customized email invoices with mail_invoice(), retrieving entire recordsets as arrays with ew_GetAll(), generating interactive charts with Highcharts, connect to multiple databases, highlight your current page in the navigation bar, make dates and byte sizes more human-friendly, check and clean file names, set quotas on upload folders, prune your audit trail, and tons more. Complete details for functions are available here, client scripts here.

Here are some of our proud creations:


Works just like ew_Execute(), but returns an entire recordset in an associative array.


Enter a remote URL, and this function will return an array containing the last modified date, the file size, and the content type. This is great for viewing information on things like the PHPMaker installation file and template.


This function checks the size of a specified folder on the server and returns a notification about how much is currently in the folder, a color-coded response (green/yellow/red) about the quota. It helps to keep your user uploads in check.


This simple function queries your database and returns a properly formed JSON object to be consumed by your AJAX app.

getCoord($postal), calcDistance($postal1, $postal2)

A handy function for calculating distances between confusing Canadian Postal Codes. Requires your Google APIs key.