Logo Design

There are six major types of logos. Sometimes it's helpful for the client to have an idea of how they want to be represented before hiring an artist to brand their company. We generally create Pictorial and Abstract logos but have done all types in the past. Here are some guidelines.

  • Emblem Logo - Logo enclosed in a shape
  • Lettermark Logo - Acronym or letter based logo (text only)
  • Wordmark Logo - Word or name based logo (text only)
  • Pictorial / Combination Logo - A real-world object (optional text)
  • Character Logo - Logo with illustration or character
  • Abstract Logo - Conceptual / symbolic (optional text)

We have designed many logos over the years. Here are a few of them you may know, and a few we are particularly fond of.

Product Visualization

Many companies have approached us to help visualize their products. Sometimes it's to raise funding for the production of a dreamt-up item, to make cosmetic changes to an existing design, or to visualize what a product could look like in an existing space. Whatever the reason, we have helped many companies view their item in a realistic and convincing manner.

Here is a selection of our previous and current work.

Print Work

Just because we do graphics for animation and web doesn't mean we don't also do excellent print design. Have a look at some of these business cards and other print design we've done!