3D Animation

Many companies have approached us to help visualize their products. Sometimes it's to raise funding for the production of a dreamt-up item, to make cosmetic changes to an existing design, or to visualize what a product could look like in an existing space. Of course other times it's just to experiment with new techniques, or breathe new life into older work, which is what we'll be showcasing here in the future. Like many areas of our site, it's in a constant state of flux.

Whatever the reason, we have helped many companies view their item or idea in all three beautiful dimensions.

Here is a selection of our previous and current work, as well as some experiments of our own.

Flash Animation and GIFs

Animation isn't just for large film and Blu-Ray projects; there are even more applications for animation on a smaller scale. From animated site icons and mobile game assets to Flash website intros and animated menus, animation is a key tool for keeping your audience intrigued.

Here is a selection of our previous and current work.

Audio/Video Production

For less interactive projects, audio and video are the tried and true methods to captivating your audience. As licensed owners of Adobe Creative Suite CS6, REAPER Digital Audio Workstation, and SONY Vegas, we have all the capabilities necessary to produce high end 24-bit/96k audio and HD video post-production for your business or personal endeavors.

It doesn't hurt that at least one of us is an established composer with SOCAN/ASCAP and can write and produce original music for your project.