Privacy Policy

Elyptic cares about your privacy as much as we do our own. We'd all get a lot more work done if we weren't being pestered by spam and telemarketers day and night. We've even gone as far as setting up a side project that logs incoming phone calls ("robocalls") in an attempt to reduce the wasted time we spend answering these. We'll never sell, lease, lend, give, or rent your address out to anybody.

Having said that, we do keep your contact information for our own use. This includes your IP address, and all information submitted via our contact forms. The IP address is helpful for security purposes in order to identify you as the same person that recently contacted us or made a purchase. We also employ Google Analytics to view the path of people travelling through our site. It helps to decide where to put which graphics, ahich pages seldom get hits at all, and which are themost popular. it will help mold the future updates of the site.

Let's face it, this site isn't Facebook. We aren't going to be suggesting you like products based on your purchasing trends. There are only about 20 pages here and none of them even have ads*.

* Except the About Us page, which has a link to mediaTemple which I can't help but promote. I want all of our clients hosted there so they can see the difference.