EPI AdminLTE PHPMaker 2017 Template

The brand new EPI AdminLTE Template for PHPMaker 2017 is finally available! Just approved for sale on the CodeCanyon marketplace, grab it for only $148 here: CodeCanyon Link

Latest News

Latest News

We're back! ;)

Look forward to a brand new dark theme for PHPMaker 2018, we've been testing it and using it for the past 12 months and have decided to bring it out for release.

EPI CoreUI Released

EPI CoreUI Template for PHPMaker 2018 is a full replacement custom template for PHPMaker 2018. Leveraging the power of Bootstrap 4 and the interface enhancements of CoreUI, this is our most ambitious template yet! Watch the video in our Showcase area.

Check it out at CodeCanyon!

Our PHPMaker 2018 template is just about ready to go! We are just putting some finishing touches on the new version, check out the killer features:
*Boostrap v4!
*Cards now replace those boxes, panels etc. Headers and footers for all!
*Sleek progress bar preloader on every page, followed by a sweet fade in. Makes everything seem faster, honestly.
*Your favourite widgets like EPI Analytics, Map box, and Carousel
*slide out settings panel with useful widgets like system specs, OS data and upcoming events
*Maintenance mode!
*includes our new DateTimePicker, with fixes 'somebody' left out
*a brand new timeline
*beautiful new Login and Register pages
*everything tied together with a terrific new interface

New video will be posted in showcase animations.

Thanks to all of our customers over the premiere release period!

We have now reduced the price of the EPI AdminLTE PHPMaker 2017 Template to just $60 on CodeCanyon, so if you have been waiting for it to go on sale, now's the time to pick it up!

Get the look and feel of PHPMaker 2018 at a quarter of the price!

25% off our EPI AdminLTE PHPMaker 2017 Template, only till Monday @ 5PM EDT! Go get it at CodeCanyon!

The brand new EPI AdminLTE Template for PHPMaker 2017 is finally available! Just approved for sale on the CodeCanyon marketplace, grab it for only $148 here: CodeCanyon Link

We've finally made the jump to v13 and are beginning to create our extensions. These include a greatly improved DateTimePicker, Facebook-style tagging, a gorgeous invoicing template, and have a great deal more planned.

A recent vulnerability in PHPMailer has surfaced that may allow malicious users to execute code on your server.

All Elyptic maintenance clients are currently being patched against this exploit.

Since V11.0.5 came out, some improvements were made to their template but still a lot of holes to fill. We've decided to forge ahead and create a fully Bootstrap 3.3.2 compatible template which adheres to all the design concepts BS3 has to offer. This includes Bootstrap 3.3.2, proper dropdown menus, Font Awesome 4.3.0, ADODB 5.19 and proper Pager icons.

Major updates to the CMS today!

We've implemented a flat-fee section to the invoices, allowing flat fee items such as one-time discounts, maintenance fees, domain registrations etc. These appear underneath the hourly rates, so you can clearly see how they are worked into the invoice structure.

Today we launched www.demorecommend.com! After many months of development we have finally released it into the wild.

The Only Online Source for ACTRA voice talent in Canada!

To go with the new site, we're creating some new designs for the next round of business cards. You will definitely want to hang on to a few of these beauties!

Tools added

We've added a couple of our latest tools to the Showcase Tools page. The Import Excel to MySQL and TinEye submit feed!

We have now moved the Bootstrap CSS out of the main template file, so you can choose which CSS framework you'd like to support.

Themes Added

Added seven beautiful new themes to the Boostrap theme option in our Bootstrap CSS extension. No more boring blue and white.

We've created a new extension for PHPMaker V10, the DateTimePicker. Now, when you select our Popup Calendar, you are treated to a jQuery-enriched time picking experience.

The Bootstrap responsive menu has now been added to Aerial V10. No extra Mobile Menu is necessary, it will reflow it automatically when your browser is resized.

Today we've added the FontAwesome library to greatly improve legibility and functionality to eh buttons in your CMS. Check them out!

Every client now has an interactive calendar to show updates from us. You can now see at a glance what updates occurred during a given month, week, day or right down to the hour. It's pretty impressive.

Clients are now able to log in and view their customized client pages. Currently available are the news ticker and invoices.

CMS upgrades

We upgraded the AerialCRMS™ again today by adding custom fonts to the selection, based on the actual CSS of your site. This means you'll be seeing your site-specific options right within the CMS. It's incredibly refreshing to see things the way they are intended, even with background colors. Now that's WYSIWYG.

Updated the thumbnail compression routine and found out a bit more about the processing. As it turns out, files are stuck at a 75% compression ratio, but only when resized. So, to keep resolutions high, let's not resize them after upload.

We are almost ready to launch elyptic.com version 3.0, almost 13 years after the final 2.0 was launched. Back then everything was about Flash and CD-ROMs, now the focus has changed to browser independence and responsive design. We are almost ready to unveil our latest creations.

DemoRecommend.com, our production for Kim Hurdon of khcasting.com, is entering its Beta stage. We are really looking forward to this launch, the search page alone will have users flocking to it to try it out.

Our long-term client the Canadian Water Quality Association is in final testing of their new site. Look for its launch coming in June 2013. You will enjoy the latest news in the water quality industry and be able to find certified technicians instantly!