Game Development

Unreal Engine 4Elyptic was initially just a bunch of guys at Trebas Institute studying Interactive Multimedia. Just as musicians who want a better future enroll at recording schools, we were enthusiastic young adults wanting to learn how to do the things we loved to watch and play.

We learned how to create 3D models using 3D Studio (for DOS!), digital video in Adobe Premiere, image manipulation in Photoshop and interactivity in Macromedia Director and Authorware. We were given the skills we needed to enter the interactive industry, but creating complete games was still out of our reach.

In the following years, the interactive landscape changed dramatically, and today the game industry is a major component in interactive software. Businesses leverage game frameworks for everything from interactive architectural walkthroughs to military simulations and medical training. The real-time aspect of advanced game engines, combined with the advanced graphical capabilities of modern computers, provide the ultimate interactive experience.

We have used several of the top engines to produce interactive demonstrations. Our favourite is UE4, the Unreal Engine. Notable mention to CryEngine and Unity for also making their engines available to the public. We are watching them peiodically for updates, but still believe in UE4 to provide the best experience and most complete toolkit.