We have done work for many different industries, on various platforms. To get a feel for the different platforms and options specific to them, here they are described for you:


Used as a platform that combines high quality scalable vector graphics with precise interactivity, Flash has permeated the Internet landscape as well as the CD-ROM/DVD landscape in the form of user interfaces. The result is a user experience that is intuitive and requires little if any instruction to be used effectively by your end users.


This is the creation of 3D objects and environments, and the rendering of them into still images and animations. After conceptualizing the scene, virtual models of the objects are created in 3D Studio Max 2013 and hyper-realistic materials are applied and mapped onto the objects. Photometrically realistic lighting rigs are then aligned into the scene, and the final results are rendered through an advanced renderer such as mental ray, or optionally V-Ray 2.40. The results can range from extremely photo-realistic to cel-shaded cartoons. Many clients prefer this route of prototyping prior to going to manufacture with their products, as it allows them to see their products rendered with a variety of different real-world materials and tones that would be prohibitively costly done through a one-off prototyping manufacturer. It's also the choice of many architects, real estate developers and interior designers that would like to see their works come to life on the screen as a pitch to builders, investors and clients.



For projects that are to be distributed to a wide range of end users, sometimes a CD-ROM format is best. This allows the inclusion of installable programs, large PDFs, and video as part of your product in order to spare the end user from downloading large files over the internet. The result is an efficient and complete user experience, with the bonus of web accessability for those that would like to include an on-demand information connection to the internet for last-minute updates.


For companies that require even more high-quality video in their presentations, DVD provides a full-screen video experience with high bitrate video that could not be supported over the web or from CD-ROM. Combine this with 5.1 Dolby Surround Sound or DTS audio, you now have the capability to provide a theater experience to your end users with set-top playback machines or Mac/PC systems with DVD-ROM drives. The advantage to using DVD is the addition of menu interactivity not found in webcast videos. 

Alternately, you could provide an interactive experience on DVD by having an interactive application based on the DVD, without going the video route. With at least 7 times the storage capacity of a CD-ROM, you now have the ability to store even more applications and video files on your distributed disc. 



Sometimes a company is not going to opt for a maintenance contract with their web developer, and prefer to do updates on their own time and save on update costs. If a client has a primarily text-based site, they may opt for a custom-built Content Management System (CMS) that allows them to log into a web interface, make their updates, and publish them on the fly. For some other companies that already have an existing CMS in place (Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal), they can also opt to have a custom design template created for them to match their existing website and evolve it into a CMS-updated environment. 

Complex HTML / Javascript Forms

omplex HTML / javascript Forms

In this age of efficiency on the web, visitors have less patience for filling out forms online. To ease the input of data from web visitors, AJAX frameworks are used to streamline the user experience by automatically populating form fields, calculating results for them, and showing visitors which minimum fields are required to be filled. This encourages completion of data and gives the client more useful information when responding to web form requests.


Protection from various web threats is better than it used to be. Sanitizing web forms and forcing problem-free submissions is a way that you can keep the web bots out of your form submissions, and reduce spam clutter in your inbox. Using CAPTCHA and other strategies, clients will receive more useful data and less junk through their forms, as well as keeping the servers happy and operating at their full capability. 

JS Frameworks

javascript (JS) Frameworks are collections of scripts that have been compiled to enhance web pages and provide a desktop experience through the web. With the end users' machines now at an all-time high in terms of processing capability, servers can now transmit larger payloads to the visitors' machines and have the processing done on their end. This allows for aesthetic improvements to the user experience without causing any extra load on the server, so you can provide this experience to many more visitors at the same time, without server slowdown.