Our Vision

Elyptic is a relatively small multimedia development / design company in Toronto. We create interactive content ranging from 2D/3D animation to server applications and website design. If you're interested in learning more about us and our work, please click through the different areas above and contact us through the Call Us link when you're done!

Our Mission

Elyptic was founded in 1996 in Toronto. It was born out of a need for the industry to have high quality development produced at reasonable rates. The only options available to companies were either to spend a fortune to receive a high profile and usable product, or to spend reasonably and get only what they paid for : run-of-the-mill amateur work.

We came in to bridge the gaps between price, quality, and efficiency.

Through the years, many technologies have come and gone. We have embraced what we consider the best of these and focused on their strongpoints, rather than try to harness everything and dilute our talents. We were one of the first Toronto developers to be using Flash technology (back when it was called "Futuresplash") to produce a fun, cartoon-themed website for Central Reproductions Ltd. We have been producting 3D animations for clients since we began, as you will see in the Showcase section of our latest site revision, as well as other projects for our clients.

Please have a look at the site to get a better idea of our capabilities, including 3D animation, audio/video mixing and effects, website design and development, and Flash development.

Thank you for visiting!


We have chosen (mt)mediatemple for our hosting provider. They are the highest performing hosts we've used to date, and if they're fast enough to be jQuery's CDN then they are certainly fast enough for us!

Click here to set up a dv account (same as we use) for as low as $55 a month for a managed Virtual Private Server and serve up your pages tonight.

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