3D Modeling, Animation and Rendering

Chaosgroup V-Ray for 3dsmaxAutodesk #dsMax3D animation was the whole reason we got into multimedia in the first place. There is something mesmerizing about looking at an image and trying to decide whether it's real or CGI.

Not that all 3D imagery is photorealistic, some of the most interesting work is just the opposite. However its strength lies in its ability to reproduce artificial items in a way that appeals to the human visual sense and depth perception. 3D is mandatory when visualizing prototypes for production, architectural development, interior design, almost everything that translates to real-world products. In addition, it's a keystone in the logo development industry, video game industry, interactive media, film & television industry and advertising.

We are licensed 3D Studio Max 2014 owners, which provides the highest quality modeling tools and game development assets available to the industry. For rendering we choose Chaosgroup's V-Ray 2.4 to complement nVidia's mentalray renderer. This allows for the best of both worlds, photorealistic interior/exterior scenes and advanced shaders. have a look in the header of this page, as well as the Graphics Showcase to get familiar with some of the looks we've achieved.